Children’s Picture Book – I Have a Plan


  • Supported by the science of positive psychology
  • Full of fun and colourful pictures.
  • Develops courage & resilience in children.
  • Supports language development.
  • Uses rhyme and repetitive phrases to appeal to early readers.

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This Children’s picture book aims to improve your child’s mental health & wellbeing by developing key strengths of courage and resilience.

A fun short story perfect for children preschool ages 3-5 yrs. It includes a repetitive theme and positive language ‘I have a Plan’ to strengthen positive thinking and positive attitudes.

  • Age: 3+
  • Specifications: Paperback | 21.59 x 0.2 x 27.94 cm | 31 pages
  • ISBN-13:  978-1916338807


Depression and mental ill health is a major disease in our world.

Research shows that Resilience also known as Mental Toughness is a critical life skill for wellbeing and success. The most effective time cultivate this strength is during early childhood.

This Children’s picture book has language that is age appropriate, and pictures that are bold, colourful and fun. It encourages pre-schoolers to read along with parents as well as by themselves.

It’s a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Rewards for children, self-esteem builder, and mostly to improve mental wellbeing.


Ned overcomes obstacles with a positive attitude, refusing to give up.  He teaches children to persevere and remain optimistic in everything they do. Our stories are based on real life events or scientific studies. We do this to ensure there is rigorous data behind our products. This book has been influenced by the story of the Wright brothers.

PMA Kids Ltd creates children’s books and other products scientifically proven to develop personal strengths that help children to flourish.

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Dimensions 27.94 × 21.59 × 0.2 cm


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