Developing Positive Mental Health from early childhood is fundamental to a child's ability to thrive during adulthood. Our aim is to support parent and child by providing evidence-based knowledge and ways to practically apply it, bridging the gap between the proven rigorous data and those who care for children.

Strengths for Life

Our Story

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Conception to Birth

After witnessing the negative effects that adversity and learned helplessness was having on family members, PMA Kids was conceived in 2016 by Francine Woolcock with the initial purpose of encouraging siblings to believe in a brighter future.

Several research studies, lectures and psychology handbooks later, it was obvious that positive thinking was not just words that had catapulted the self-help movement, but it was so much more; There was overwhelming scientific data to support the practices. However it wasn’t just about thinking, it required Preventative actions as well as Interventions.

Growth and the future

The Scientific data not only proved that positive interventions were necessary for humans to flourish, but that the vital age of intervention was during early childhood.

With a dedication to human flourishing, our founder chose to focus all products and services on developing children, so they may flourish into adulthood.




Francine Woolcock - Founder

For the little ones we love

There is an overwhelming body of research that proves Positive Mental Attitudes developed in early childhood form the building blocks for success and wellbeing throughout life.

Our children are the pride of our nation, the ones who we protect, nurture and love and we empower them with the life skills to live a healthy and happy life of their own.

In this unpredictable world and current climate, now more than ever is the need to develop the key attitudes proven by science to support their ability to overcome adversities and thrive toward their dreams.

F Woolcock

Special thanks to our illustrator

Jamie Cosley

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Six Reasons To Join Us

Quality Material

Guidance and Products proven by the science of positive psychology


Improve parenting competence and reduce parenting stress

Trained Practitioner

Designs created by positive psychology practitioners and parents


Improve Child's ability to overcome adversities and flourish in life


News and updates about child mental health events and initiatives

Worldwide Movement

Leading the movement of Child Mental Health awareness Worldwide for all Humans to flourish

People Say The Nicest Things

We are so pleased to provide value to some wonderful parents

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“You are doing an amazing job and truly believe early intervention for childrens mental health issues is key and raising any form of awareness will help to educate both adults and children x”



I read this book to my son and when I had finished he wanted me to read it to him again two more times! I love the moral of the story and the illustrations and colours are bright and engaging for children.



Dear Francine, May I ask permission to translate the pledge in our own local language so that it will be most useful.
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